Orisons is an ongoing online project. Orisions means Prayers and was created by Shakespeare. 

It is a festival of aritists interacting with God, praying, reciting monolgues, singing, dancing and any other form of communication they wish to show. 

Get in contact if you wish to take part in Orisons. 



A concert of Kazi Nazrul Islam and some of his finest compostions on raag. 

Kazi's Reflections Poster
Raaga Fstival Logo


Raaga Festival is an annual Festival  of classical and Semi Classical music showing the very best in the industry and encouraging emerging artists. This is being planned now and will start shortly 

Classical music is an acquired taste in all cultures and related to the region that it is from. The reason why it is acquired taste is because it did not develop from the local and masses of people. Although the flavour of Indian classical music is related to the region that it is has emanated from, the aesthetics and principles of North Indian and South Indian classical music are formed from thousands of years of history, philosophy and from trial and error.

“Without music, life would be a mistake ”

Friedrich Nietzsche 

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