Surbandhan means a tie of melody. Through interdisciplinary arts, this female led arts organisation collaborates nationally and internationally to spread the practise of South Asian arts. 

Surbandhan has held from 2016, from Raaga Festival, Gharana Festival, Timeless Maestros of Bengal and fusion events. 

Arts Council England supported most of the projects. 

See below for our running and upcoming projects. 

A man writing in candlelight

“Spellbinding music . Worth coming down from Scotland for “

“Spellbinding music . Worth coming down from Scotland for “


Running and Upcoming Projects

An original musical play based on one of South Asia’s brightest poets and composers, Kazi Nazrul Islam. 

Nazrul fought poverty, illness, and prejudice to rise as one of the most powerful influencers of the sub-continent only to lose his voice and memory at the age of 41, in 1942. 

Script & Director: Piya Mayenin



Previous Projects

Orisons Festival - COVID 19

Raaga Festival

Kazi's Reflections - 2020

For Collaborations & Partnerships

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Classical music is an acquired taste in all cultures and related to the region that it is from. The reason why it is acquired taste is because it did not develop from the local and masses of people. Although the flavour of Indian classical music is related to the region that it is has emanated from, the aesthetics and principles of North Indian and South Indian classical music are formed from thousands of years of history, philosophy and from trial and error.

“Emotion is the soul of our music ”

 Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saheb

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