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Welcome to SurBandhan

Welcome to SurBandhan which was set up in 2011 with the object of spreading Inidan classical music and enabling South Asian and arts, by creating a platform for music, dance, history, heritage and spirituality of the sub continent. It also works in collaboration with western arts to reflect the changing world. 

Surbandhan, literally means, a bond of melody. It was set up by students of North Indian Classical music who are passionate about melodies and about classical music. 

Keen to spread this music, taking it to audiences and encouraging budding and emerging artists, Surbandhan emphasises on the tradtitional tenets of Indian Classical music while exploring contemporary and creative ways of delivery that encourages, builds and creates artists  that share thousands of years of rich heritage.

Curating events, workshops where artists, musicians and intellectuals come together in expressing together and individually interpretions of raag based arts, celebrating the beauty and depth of Indian classical music and paving the way forward for changes and fusion.Workshops and events provide a mirror for artists of every level to see a reflection of themselves that builds them and artists creativity to be explored and shared with audiences. 

Surbandhan succesfully brings together the topmost world class and international artists,  whilst offering a platform for local, upcoming, emerging and budding artists to particpate on many levels that assists their development and entertains audiences through our carefully devised workshops and events with themes and educational content.  

SurBandhan's Team  



Executive Yasmeen Rahman is passionate about poems, especially Tagore poems, and songs.  She has participated on radio shows and won prizes for recitation.  She also writes poems. 

She is learning singing from Mahmudur Rahman and Shyamali Basu. She participated on BBC Radio shows for overseas and BBC TV, Asian Magazine in the 80s.  She presented a musical show on Betar Bangla, London, for a year.  She currently presents shows, recites poems and sings in choruses.


Executive Shahadat Hussain is a versatile artist and has a knack for Nazrul shangeet. He has learned music from childhood from renowned artsits.  He is learning classical music from Mahmudur Rahman Benu and from Ustad Mehboob Nadeem. 

His wife Shavana Sultana is also a student of music and an ardent supporter of Surbandhan.  Labib on his father’s arms is a valuable member of Surbandhan. 


Chief Executive - Piya Mayenin has had a passion for music since childhoold and started to learn formally as a teenager from Haridas Ganguly, Fida Hussain Khan, Mahmudur Rahman Benu and currently studying for a diploma  in Bengali music at the Bharati Vidya Bhavan and learning under Sajali Roy. A solicitor by profession, Piya has had many successful music related projects and initiatives on TV and in the community and is passionate about spreading classical music and structured defined music. 

Sur Bandhan Society is a leading multicultural Arts organisation run by a group of established and emerging artists with passion for Indian Classical Music since 2012. In 2017 Sur Bandhan started the #RaagaFestival , which they try to hold every year. Also, #Raagaisahumanright in 2018, and #RaagProbaho in 2019, all being projects that provided quality workshops and events of Indian Classical and Semi Classical music Surbandhan creates a vibrant multicultural platform bringing together artists regardless of how big or how new they are.


March 03, 2019

Sur Bandhan's first program  this year was held on 3rd March 2019 in KNC.  Main attraction Ustad Fida Hussain Khan made the audience buzz.  Singers Rinku Sinha, Shahadat Masum, Nargis Rahat, Piya Mayenin, Asma Matin, Hasina Pastor Kajol, Yuhannes and Yasmeen Rahman took part.  The audience included Alaur Rahman, Shamol Kanto Choudhury,and others. Alaur Rahman sang in duet with Ustad Fida Hussain, Yaad Piya ki Aye. Rashida Khan Banu and other students of Ustad Fida Hussain joined in Dhamadam mast kalander 

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