Our Team

Our Team 

PIYA MAYENIN (Chairperson)

Piya Mayenin

Piya is a dedicated Solicitor of England & Wales. Surrounded by musical friends of her father, Piya built a profound connection to music from early childhood. It was not until her teenage years that she sought teachings in Indian Classical Music from the late Pundit Haridas Ganguly, who was given the title Thumri Samraat. She carried on learning Light Classical vocals and Harmonium from Ustaad Fida Hussain Khan of the Patiyala style. She continues to learn as a disciple of Mahmudur Rahman Benu.


Piya has led in arranging cutting edge events as a student of Chhayanut and as the Cultural Secretary for the Society of British Bangladeshi Solicitors and as Chair for the Osmani Cultural Group, and other organisations. Piya is also known for her directing and presenting Legal Hel with Piya, a community legal advice and information program for 5 years. Piya arranges performers, guests, participants and audiences with ease and with her earned trust of producing events of quality and excellence.


Shahadat Hussain Masum

Masum, a devout disciple of Classical music from a young age has an outstanding flair with Nazrul Sangeet and Classical music. Masum was a Contestant in S Channel Star with the YES card. Masum has led in arranging cutting edge events in his student life attracting hundreds of students in college campuses and many others for the public. On arrival to England Masum has continued to practice his talent as a devout student of Mahmudur Rahman Benu and has led in arranging spectacular classical events for prominent artist both in Chhayanut and within the community. Masum has also learned from Hiren Sinha and Shahab Uddin Shiraj in Bangladesh.


Asma Matin (Ruby)

Ruby is a published Poet and writer and a respected member in community. Ruby has continued to practice her art and involve her child and grandchild who are autistic. Ruby and all the other members are committed to make the organisation accessible and friendly to disabled, isolated and autistic people of all ages and backgrounds. Ruby has arranged many first class cultural events both within music and the poetry world. She is a long-standing devoted student of Mahmudur Rahman Benu. Ruby is also a devoted and loving mother and grandmother of an autistic child and autistic Grandchild whose lives she plays an active role in.

MOHAMMED PALASH KHAN (Committee member)

Mohammed Palash Khan
Palash, an outstanding vocal artist who plays the harmonium is probably known by so many for his finalist position in Channel i Shera Kontho Competition. His outstanding and melodious voice is a result of his learning from Akkas Ali Dewaan and Helal Akkas, Aminul Hoque, Prodeep Kumar Sarkar, Salauddin Ahmed, Hassan Ikram Ullah, Nihor Poudhuri, Helena Mangal Chondro Sarkar. He has also learned in Bulbul Academy and Chhayanut in BD

VALENTINE (committee member)


Val is has served as a Nurse by profession and is known for the vital role played by her in helping inured soldiers in 1971, the liberation period of Bangladesh. Val has always been attracted to Indian Classical music and is devout student of classical and folk music. She has been taught by various teachers in Calcutta and in England she is a long standing vocal student of Mahmudur Rahman Benu. Val has been learning to play the Sarong and has performed enticingly with her Sarong on Chhayanut events.

PRONOY SINHA RINKU (committee member)

Pronoy Sinha Rinku

Rinku is from a well known musical family in Bangladesh, trained in Classical Music by Raam Kaniy Das and his own paternal aunty and aunt’s husband, Rinku was also mentored by Milon Kanti Bhattacharya Himangsho Biswas, Sameer Jana in Bangladesh and Calcutta. Rinku is now a disciple of Mahmudur Rahman Benu in the UK. A well loved musician and singer he is familiar with appearing in classical events and has appeared numerous times on TV radio and various performances around the country.