Our Projects

Our Projects

Raaga Factory Workshops 

Surbandhan workshops are student led, with artists and student focused workshops exploring the foundation of Indian Bangla Pakistani and other South Asian music. learning the art of singing raaga and improvisation. Workshops will be visited by renowned experts from time to time. Classes will be delivered with the most modern technology. Resources are made by Surbandhan and visiting experts and students contributions.

Workshops focus on the art of performance – holding mock functions and real functions and preparing individuals and groups for performance in Surbandhan Raaga Festivals.

Raaga Challenge

This is where you us, we all come together on stage to sing and improvise raaga. With the help from experts we build our skills of performing and creating raaga performances with a difference. Captivating audiences, with room for new instruments, fusion and with passion.

Raaga Festival

The idea is to get more artists singing raaga as an art form, to bring more students into performing the raaga art form and building  audiences for Indian Classical Music.

Renowned Artists to Students
Surbandhan provides a platform to appreciate Indian Classical music with mutual respect of highly acclaimed artists,  new artists and students a platform alongside renowned artists to make their entry. The mutual love and respect for Indian Classical Music is celebrated trough the respect of artists of various levels, artists with different instruments and dances and the fusion of modern with traditional and of cross cultures.