Executive Summary & Mission

Executive Summary

London Raaga Festival’s objective is to spread Indian Classical Music and Semi Classical music in the UK, through new and innovative ways so that it reaches wider audiences and performers of good raag based music.

Our group based raaga singing focuses on creativity and improvisation and highlighting unique voices. This will heighten experiences of listeners.

Our ‘Raaga Challenge’ invites artist and students of music to learn raaga in our ‘Raaga Factory’ and perform at our Festivals.  This is to alter the perception that Indian Classical Music is ‘too elitist’.

With 21st Century technology, the Organisation will provide group workshops packed with educational resources made by the society and contributors like our patrons and well-wishers, laptops, projectors and instruments will assist our workshops which makes us stand out from existing organisations. Modern online provisions will also be introduced making it easier for people living distances.

Raag Festival umbrellas exciting new instruments, fusion, Semi Classical, Folk, Dance, Unique voices; showcasing prominent and upcoming artists in mutual love and respect for raaga and all things based on raaga.


Our Missions & Aims

We emphasise on particular sections of society in order to encourage those that are not otherwise engaged in Classical and Semi Classical Music. Our Mission is to inspire music lovers and draw them into this genre of music in order to stop the decline of North Indian Classical Music.

Through inspiration, workshops and performances we reinforce the world of Indian Classical Music and produce mature and captivating artists.


Get Involved with Raaga Factory

Raaga Factory has two steps in its line of production.

  1. Getting involved with the Raga Challenge where participants come together with creativity to perform in groups and individually.
  2.  a) Perform at our exciting and prestigious Raga Festival,

b) Short professional audio-video clips will be circulated digitally, where short interviews will also be taken regarding the experience and journey of the artists involved, whilst making the clips and/or singing at the Festival. This will inspire and motivate others.