Executive Summary & Mission

Executive Summary

London Raaga Festival’s objective is to spread Indian Classical Music in England through new and innovative ways, reaching wider audiences and performers to provide prime entertainment and experience for all. Our group based raga singing focusing on improvisation and unique voices has a magnetic effect, which heightens the experience and will alter the perception that Indian Classical Music is ‘too elitist’.

Our Raaga Challenge invites artist and students of music to practice compositions in a group in our workshop ‘Raaga Factory’ and render whilst highlighting different and unique voices through individual improvisations.

Short, professional audio-video clips will be circulated which not only gives an artists’ for digital exposure but also creates more audience and listeners and provides incentive to other students and artists.

With 21st Century technology, the Organisation will provide an inclusive and modern approach to learning, appreciating and sharing the joys of Indian Classical Music through live and through digital media. Group workshops packed with educational resources made by the society and contributors like our patrons and well wishers, laptops, projectors and instruments will assist and modernise our workshops which makes us stand out from other organisations. Modern online provisions will also be introduced making it easier for people living distances.

Exciting new instruments, fusion and Semi Classical Music all come under our unique and vibrant Raaga Festivals, full of raaga, dance, different instruments, different voices; prominent artists and upcoming artists who will show mutual respect and render a gripping experience of raga renditions.

Our Missions & Aims

Our services are for the community at large, and we emphasise particular sections in order to encourage, build and engage those that are not otherwise engaged. Our Mission is to inspire music lovers and take them through the line of production in our Raga Factory; the end result is to produce mature and captivating artists.

Raaga Factory has two steps in its line of production. 1) The Raga Challenge is where artists take part individually or in groups or with their teachers to demonstrate a particular raga through compositions with improvisations. 2) a) Perform the compositions at our exciting and prestigious Raga Festival, b) Short professional audio-video clips will be circulated digitally, where short interviews will also be taken regarding the experience and journey of the artists involved, whilst making the clips and/or singing at the Festival. This will inspire and motivate others.

Digital short clips of raga improvisation is aesthetically pleasing and will be highlighted nationally and globally giving many the chance of upgrading their CV, helping to secure a better livelihood and giving immense enjoyment for audiences. Our expert teachers will be available to guide students and artists in Raaga Factory workshops to prepare you to perform with a difference.