Surobandhan had existed informally since 2012 . This was changed into Surbandhan Society in November 2016, when we came together and created a society with the objective of Spreading Indian Classical Music. The group members are artists who have achieved individually and performed for many audiences with a variety of music. Devout students of the classical form of music the students have continued their classical practice and want to take this forward to audiences and draw in others who want to share create and spread excellent Indian Classical Music.

We have significant experience of organising events. With  like minded artists who have Indian Classical Music in our hearts, we will now put into place ideas that will bring in income for the use by the Organisation to fulfill its’ objectives and to include parts of society that have not been involved in Indian Classical Music before. 

We have come together as an arts organisation to practice and spread Indian Classical Music, with a management committee of 6. We have not had funds in our account as of yet and thus we have not been audited. We have no permanent staff but our committee members are committed to take on tasks needed in order to complete our project. Between us we have organised many events, in Chhayanut and as individuals. We bring over 30 years of performance experience between us and many years of organising experience.     RAAGA Factory intoduces  RAAGA CHALLENGE, Raaga Factory Workshops and Surbandhan Raaga Festivals, enhancing music through Raga workshops and performance where Artists share Platform with mutual respect.

We operate and live by an equal opportunities policy